Authentically You Wellness Personalized Program

This is a completely customized program and it’s all about what you need, when you need it most! This program offers coaching and support whereby I share with you everything I know and as much as I possibly can in our twice monthly hour personalized sessions (by phone or in person).

Your true needs are identified as a starting point for us in your journey via a complementary health history consultation.

This program is suitable for those who just know intuitively that they want this program to help launch them onto their trajectory of a Higher, greater path towards greater self discovery, regardless of age!

This program fills up rapidly, there is a wait-list, fast as individual sessions will be limited.

This program is right for you if you are interested in:

  • Reversing insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.
  • A customized, completely personalized program for you and your evolving needs—wherever you are in your journey.
  • Are suffering from exhaustion and seem to be gaining weight even more so than what’s typical for you
  • Learning how to easily implement a phytonutrient rich, age.reversing, SuperFood, nutrient dense way of life into your daily routine, whilst enjoying the immediate health benefits (hint: it shows up in your skin!).
  • Increasing your vitality and optimizing your very own health and well being.
  • Reversing and preventing disease such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity (And Yes! You can get off of insulin, cholesterol reducing medications, blood pressure reduction medications, heart medications, and you can reverse all of these diseases!).
  • Stopping obesity in its tracks! Particularly for those who truly feel in your heart that you don’t eat that much, yet the weight continues piling on, it is not your imagination! Together, we can shut off the valve within your organs and reverse the fat deposits on your liver that is causing this toxicity and rapid weight gain!
  • Perimenopausal Support

More about easing into your Higher Self via The Authentically You Wellness Program:

Throughout our sessions together, we will uncover your everyday nutritional choices, conscious as well as subconscious choices, physical activity levels, emotional activity, spirituality and overall way of life choices. We will work on whether you are actually being true to your Self and how your everyday lifestyle choices may be effecting your overall health and happiness. We’ll identify more ways for you to live authentically and we’ll uncover what that will do for you on all levels (emotional, physical, spiritual, subconscious and intuitive—and the intuitive is more crucial than you might think!).

All the while, if you are one of those with additional weight you’ve been carrying around, you will find that it will just come off. It’s okay that you’ve been carrying around extra weight, it’s been part of your journey, only now, you will learn that by working toward your more authentic Self that it’s okay to now release the added weight! Furthermore, if you do have disease, we can work on reversing and take preventative measures toward other serious illness, by learning once and for all to be more kind to your Self.

It sounds as if there is such a wide range being covering in your Wellness Program—it is much simpler than most can even fathom!

Authentically You Wellness believes merely doing the work that is meant to be done, which is to improve the Lives of those that are not at their best and need additional guidance, helping those that want to take preventative measures against aging, which will in turn provide them with abundant levels of energy and true contentedness. Regardless of age!

If any of this speaks to you and you Intuitively believe that working is potentially right for you, drop a note here at Lara@AuthenticallyYouWellness or submit your inquiry via our Contact Us Form.

We have found that Client’s experience life changing, transformations in as little as two sessions. Although to implement true, permanent change, it takes roughly six months. Sometimes People decide they have found & identified just what they were seeking in a couple months! It really varies, which is why each Program is customized to suit the Individual!


Authentically You Wellness Email Sessions

Get in touch with your Higher Self by living more Authentically with You!

This is an excellent program for those who have the nutritional, and simply don’t have the time to filter through all of the latest, greatest, forward.thinking Nutritionologies!

This is a self.directed program for those interested in learning the most cutting edge secrets to:

  • Age Reversal
  • Aging
  • Looking more glamorous and vibrant today than you did twenty years ago—regardless of your age!
  • Living more Authentically by enjoying a more clean diet while creating more balance from within
  • Ways to reduce inflammation.
  • A more gentle, detoxifying cleanse of which your body (and skin!) will thank you for.

This program is done via email; four exchanges per month and you can opt to move through your journey at your own pace, as you please.

Authentically You Wellness Cleanse

This is a well thought out program designed for those who do well within a group environment, via weekly webinars. You will be led with cutting edge information, not too much information whereby you’ll walk away feeling overwhelmed, but just enough to ease you into fostering a bit of change and more importantly, seeing change! That would be Results!

You’ll learn life-altering tips that will be simple to follow, even easier to implement and the best part of all? The changes you learn to make will be part of the more authentic you for life!

This is a program for you, if you desire:

  • A group environment, via weekly webinars as well as access to our very own social networking health community, which provides love, support and encouragement.
  • Not having to add more to your schedule, yet participating in the program right from the comfort of your own home—a simple weekly webinar and you’re immediately connected.
  • To learn how to do a more gentle, yet detoxifying cleanse that’s sure to help get you in touch with your true self! And you’ll have exponentially greater levels of energy than you thought possible!
  • To learn efficient, yet healthful, cooking tips that will take you to new heights in the kitchen (without actually having to spend days on end shopping, cooking, then cleaning!).
  • To gain meal planning habits that will remain with you for Life!
  • Guidance as to how to actually tune into your Higher Self by way of exercise, improving emotional health, eliminating toxins, eating more true to You! and spirituality.
  • To learn the effects of free.radicals and the importance of phytonutrients, nutrient dense foods, anti.inflammatory foods and our planet’s TOP SUPERFOODS and what they can actually do for you!