Lara D. Amaral, CHHC, AADP

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Fully Licensed Health & Life Insurance Broker



National Producer Number: 2297236

Federal Health Insurance Marketplace ID: LAMARAL@USABG.NET

State of Massachusetts;  Health & Life Insurance License: 1859847

State of Georgia;  Health & Life Insurance License:  2924066

State of Florida;  Health & Life Insurance License: W180707

State of Texas;  Health & Life Insurance License: 1848402

State of Virginia;  Health & Life Insurance License:  931903

State of South Carolina;  Health & Life Insurance License:  2297236

State of Alabama;  Health & Life Insurance License:  3002543753



The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City

Accredited by Cornell University

Professional Training and Certification Program

State of Massachusetts Division of Insurance

Emmanuel College, Boston, MA, Cum Laude

B.S. Education



Board Certified; American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)



Motivational Speaker, Hosted PowerSeminars at The Scituate Public Library, The Marshfield Public Library, Balance Yoga Studio; talking to ‘Changing One’s Relationship With Sugar’, ‘Changing One’s Relationship With Salt’ and ‘Emotional Eating—Changing One’s Relationship With Food’!

Conduct PowerSeminars for small, mid & large size Corporate Employee Wellness Programs

Conduct Health History Consultations as well as Holistic Health Coaching; using Food as Medicine

Offers A Holistic Health Newsletter to over 1000 Subscribers

Ran an Organic, GMO Free Powersnacks line comprised of nutrient dense, Planetary Super Food ingredients which are Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Trans Fat Free, Raw, Vegan all of which offer healthful, replenishing ingredients, right down to the cellular level!

Fully Trained & Licensed in the Federal Health Insurance Affordable Care Act, Actively enrolls Individuals & Small Businesses in ACA plans, both ON as well as OFF the Federal Exchange.

Helps Clients mitigate their risk to financial gaps through the utilization of supplemental gap insurance, which is key to a successful health insurance portfolio in today’s environment!

Empowers Clients to take charge of their Lives by securing solid financial estate as well as retirement planning through the utilization of whole & universal life insurance and on occasion, the simplest form of life insurance, implementing term life insurance!

Scituate Public Library, Scituate, MA
PowerSeminar Presenter

Marshfield Public Library, Marshfield, MA
PowerSeminar Presenter

Balance Yoga Studio, Cohasset, MA
PowerSeminar Presenter

WATD Radio w Dr. John Hayes, Jr talking to ‘Harmful, Deleterious Effects of Sugar’ & its relation to Neuropathy

Corporate PowerSeminar Presenter, mainly in the state of MA



Holistic Health Articles and Newsletters
Distributed to 1000+ Clients & Subscribers

‘A New Way to Snack’ Article talking to Health Benefits of Authentically You! Powersnacks

Interviewed by The Cohasset Mariner, The Scituate Mariner, The Marshfield Mariner

‘The Hidden Dangers of Sugar’ Article

Interviewed by The Cohasset Mariner, The Scituate Mariner, The Marshfield Mariner

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Distributed to 1000+ Clients & Subscribers

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