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Have you ever wondered what your Life would be like if you were truly happy every single day, living each day to its fullest, without any negative self talk? Without disliking a part of your life? A body part? Without having self image issues that lead to overdoing it with alcohol, drugs and quite often, food? Learning to love each and every aspect of Oneself, to embrace everything about you is what your journey is really all about. You’d never talk negatively to a child, you’d never tell a child to eat more of the bad stuff and disregard the fact that your body is telling you you are full. You’d never tell a child that their arms are too fat, that their face is too chunky, that their legs are too big. Then why do people do that to themselves? When we are discontent with an aspect of ourselves, whether it is a body part, our face being too full, or a major part of our Lives, thoughts of that if we could just arrive to a certain point, our life would be so much better, the vicious cycle continues. This kind of self talk leads to discontentment and when we are discontented, we begin reaching for numbing aids that mask what our true feelings are. Which in turn buries what our inner voice is trying to tell us, trying to guide us to. We cannot possibly hear ourselves really think and understand what our Life’s purpose is, if we are busy masking our true feelings with numbing aids. When we begin to live authentically with ourselves, really being true to ourselves, no matter how painful, our Universe begins to work so abundantly. We all have a past, we all have injurious memories, and we don’t have to continue reliving them over and over or expend  tremendous amounts of unnecessary energy, trying to cover it up, so you don’t have to feel the pain. It’s part of life to suffer through pain, loss, illness, it’s what we do with it that is what your journey is really about. Facing what we might be covering up might seem daunting, painful and although it might seem easier to just continue the path of numbing ourselves, it really is quite the opposite!

When we are willing to stand up and live authentically, truly magical things begin happening! It truly is remarkable how much easier Life becomes, when we are living with ourselves honestly. Diets don’t work. They are not about changing behaviours and understanding why we do the things we did to get us there in the first place. Many of us have successfully “dieted” and found the supposed willpower it requires to keep to a certain plan. I’ve studied hundreds of Dietary Theories and although there are many out there that make sense, it really is about the individual person. What is truly going on within that person’s mind, their Soul? If behaviours aren’t understood to begin with, they cannot be changed, which ultimately leads to gaining the weight back and in most cases, more than they weighed to begin with!

What if I told you it wasn’t about having willpower? That many people actually do eat less and gain weight so easily and that it just isn’t their fault. Not in the slightest. When we crave foods, and overeat, it typically isn’t about the food we think we are craving. You could eat and eat and eat and never be full, never be satisfied. Why? Because it really isn’t about the food. And then the vicious cycle continues. The negative self talk begins again. “I cant stick to a diet”, “I am a failure”, “I may as well just eat that whole thing, because I had a piece already”. I’ve heard it all. It is all so closely linked and if you could talk with someone who truly understands how simple it really is, would you? Would you sit down with that person and learn to understand why you do the things you do? Would you want to learn about the fact that it isn’t about the food. It is, but it isn’t. It is about YOU. It’s about being truly authentic with yourself and unburdening that weight you’ve been carrying around in your subconscious for years. What if you could talk with a Health Practitioner who would actually sit and listen to you for an hour? When was the last time you spoke with your Doctor for an hour? And had them really listen? For the most part, they cannot. Not the way the Healthcare System is built in our country, a majority of Doctors have but fifteen minutes to tell you what is going on with you and will then write a prescription. That prescription then further masks what is happening with your body, within your organs, within your cells. Contributing further to the overload your liver, kidneys and heart are already burdened with. That plan doesn’t work, which is why more and more Doctors are turning to people like me that have been trained in understanding the human body and fully comprehending how Integrative Therapies can holistically heal a person. Their soul. Just by nourishing themselves with more essential phytonutrients, nutrient dense calories, inflammatory free foods, our Planet’s top SuperFoods and most importantly, with Self Love. Which, by the way, when your body is better nourished, the sugar cravings and salt cravings do lessen their vicious grip and eventually cease to exist. Sugar causes inflammation, which causes DISease and when this occurs, cancer cells come out of hibernation in our bodies, heart disease develops, diabetes is suddenly diagnosed. When did it become ok for our children to get diabetes? Do you know that there was no such thing as juvenile diabetes, that we just had to name the adult disease that began cropping up in our children?!

I believe in Doctors and what they do. They save lives! And for many of us, we can prevent and even reverse disease such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, by simply learning to pay attention, and to eat cleaner! Imagine that! I just stated that one can reverse risk of getting cancer, one can stop heart disease in its tracks, one can get off of high blood pressure medication and insulin because they are reversing illness! This is phenomenal news! I can’t understand why it isn’t on the front page of every newspaper across our country, but it’s not.

We evolve in our journey and as our needs change, so do our dietary needs. I am here to help guide you to finding your inner voice. You can achieve this once and for all, throw away all the diet books and watch the excess pounds melt away without even focusing on that! When we are authentic with ourselves, we learn to love ourselves for how and what we look like, what we are, how we are and then we begin sending that love out to everyone we come across and then it comes back to us! And the miracles just continue happening!

What if you could finally unlock this aspect of yourself and truly find happiness, true peace in your life, true joyfulness, would any amount of money stop you? Think about it. Really take your time and consider, am I ready for true change? Am I ready to make the shift and stop living the way I am, beating myself up? You may or may not be. When you are ready to move your life in that direction and experience authenticity at its finest, you will know. You will feel it in your solar plexus. Think on it. Think on it a lot. You deserve to not care what a single person thinks about what you might say or do or what you look like. You deserve to live freely and joyfully. I am not saying happy here and there, I mean, seriously joyful each and every day! Getting that spring back in your step and leading and living such an amazing life, you can’t believe you haven’t been living like this all along in your journey! BUT you’ve changed your mindset so much, you aren’t beating yourself up over the fact that it’s taken you until now to find this, you just truly feel so blessed and grateful, you beam with that authenticity and joy!

It isn’t about the weight, it is about so much more than that. I can help with the so much more aspect, I am convinced I am supposed to be doing this with my life. It’s just something I know. I have experience working with hundreds of clients at a major weight loss company for nearly 8 years. And now I’ve completed my studies in Integrative Nutrition and Holistic Therapies and understand how to tie it all in. It isn’t about the weight, and as you are guided and clarify what you really already know, the weight falls off, medications can be reduced and in many cases, eliminated, as your weight goes down and your body is being nourished with the essential nutrients it craves. I’ve also learned that most people require a bit of guidance in order for this to come together, most people need guidance in remembering what they already know. I am that guide for that person that is ready to find their true calling. For the person ready to live with optimal levels of energy, radiate joy and are ready to prevent and even reverse disease. And it’s never too late, one can never be too old or too far gone.

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