"I signed up for Lara’s 6 month nutritional Coach program after attending one of her lecture on sugar cravings. I wanted to learn how to be healthier, stop the sugar cravings that controlled my life, help with the bloating that I had been plagued with and gain more energy. It was the best investment that I have even made for myself!

I had been having gastrointestinal issues for 3-4 years, with each trip to the doctor being diagnosed with IBS, and no true guidance as to what to do about it. I always had a supply of Pepto Bismol and Priosec with me. I am happy to say that after working with Lara for 6 months and practicing what I learned, that I am totally symptom free and even better, I don’t take any drugs!

Lara tailored a program to meet my individual needs. Her vast knowledge of nutrition, supplements, holistic approaches and her deep compassion for MY health far exceeded my expectations for the program. She introduced me foods that I never would have known about on my own and she guided me to help find the nutritional supplements that my body needed. Being a vegetarian for 3 ½ years, I needed direction on how to be a “healthier” vegetarian. I now take Amazing Grass, Live Probiotics, Spirulina, and enzymes every day. I eat kale and romaine lettuce regularly; I eat more spinach, hummus, beans and fruits than I ever had. My energy levels have increased and I am finally sleeping better. I attribute both of these to better overall health from proper nutrition!

I would personally recommend Lara’s program to anyone who wants to take an active, knowledgeable role in getting and staying healthier. She truly has changed my life."

-Tiara T., Marshfield, MA



"I read had about Lara’s seminar at the Scituate Town Library on “Your Relationship with Sugar”. Having struggled all my life with weight issues and especially sugar, I went. The seminar was extremely informative, especially the handouts! I was amazed at all the places sugar sneaks into our diet. Her presentation was energizing, engaging with the audience, at times funny yet extremely factual. She got my attention!

I have always tried (in my mind) to eat healthy foods. But many times in actuality and for convenience, I would take the easy way out and settle for something processed. I am getting older and realize that I needed to be more pro-active in taking care of my aging body. In reality, I was not aging as gracefully as I thought! So I decide that it was time for me for me to reach out for additional help. I called Lara and made THE appointment. I was very nervous that I might be getting into something that I couldn’t follow through with….like so many times before. From the moment I met Lara, I was completely at ease. She has such a kind, thoughtful way of making you feel as if you are important and special. And together, we were going to tackle the problems and concerns that I had.

She is a wealth of information. More that I could have ever gotten in a book! We talked about ways that I could incorporate “healthy food” into my extremely busy life. She taught me how to nourish my body and my soul. I have been able to create a notebook filled with great (and easy) recipes, handouts on vitamins, making better choices with anti-inflammatory and nutrient dense foods, my “relationship” with food, ways to better my inner self, book and Internet resources, just to name a few. I have a new awareness of my body. What I am feeding it and how I am treating it. I still have stress but now I have the tools to not let it get the better of me. When I am hungry, I know what foods to reach for that will keep me energized or help me to relax. It has been an amazing 6 months! I am going to continue on and make Lara an integral part of my journey."

-Joanne B., Marshfield, MA



"I first learned about Lara from an article in the Mariner about her Powersnacks and the seminar she was offering on 'Eliminating Sugar Cravings'. After attending the seminar I knew I wanted to work with Lara!

Lara’s Authentically You! Wellness Personalized Program is just that! It is personalized just for you and your needs. From the first session to the last Lara shared all of her knowledge and experience. Each session she made some simple suggestions that would help me to improve my diet, health and wellbeing. Who would have known that those simple changes and Lara’s caring guidance would have had such an amazing impact! At the end of our six months I have lost weight and inches (I know that is not the most important thing), kicked sugar from my diet (for the most part…I am human), and I am eating new foods that I probably wouldn’t have tried. And along the way I learned so many new things about myself.

Lara helped me to make real and lasting changes that I will continue to follow.

Making the decision to work with Lara was one of the best things I have ever done for myself!

Thank you, Lara!"

-Elizabeth S., Scituate, MA



"What a fabulous positive experience working with Lara for the past few months!! The knowledge she has in all areas of well being is impressive.

I kicked sugar out of the diet and feel so much better for it!!

I have learned so much about making healthy choices while cooking.

Lara is beyond generous with information, recipes and samples!

If she doesn't have the immediate answer then she will do the research needed to find out whatever it is you may be questioning.

It is refreshing to have someone who cares about your total well being!!!

Thank You Lara for all you do for everyone!!"

-Sue T., Scituate, MA



"I had the pleasure of working with Lara over a 6-month period to improve my nutrition and overall health. She is a wealth of knowledge! I learned so much from our sessions and received wonderful recipes, cooking tips and supplement recommendations that were specially tailored to my digestive issues and personal tastes. As a result of her expert advice, my blood pressure is now within the normal range and my incidence of heartburn/acid reflux is much less frequent. Lara was also very flexible if I had to change the meeting schedule and she also offered phone consultation if a face-to-face meeting didn't fit my schedule. In addition to the nutritional information, Lara looks at the "total person" to optimize other areas of your lifestyle which affect overall health and well-being. Furthermore, Lara is such a pleasant person and very supportive. I truly enjoyed our time together! I highly recommend Lara to anyone looking to improve their overall health and learn the benefits of integrative nutrition."

-Mary S., Hingham, MA



"In April 2012 I started the 6-month program with Lara. I was having a lot of headaches and stomach aches and was looking for more healthy options than just taking over-the- counter remedies or prescriptions; I wanted to get to the root of the symptoms. After getting to know Lara during weekly visits to our local Farmer’s Market (of course stocking up with her delicious power snacks each time) I knew she was someone I wanted to work with. Laura is so nice to talk to and working with her for 6 months was just a pleasure! She made me feel very comfortable during the program and taught me a lot. I learned that I have sensitivity to gluten and Lara helped guide me to better foods and food combinations to alleviate my symptoms. To date I very rarely have stomach aches and I have less than half of the headaches I used to. If I do get a headache, I can usually identify the culprit as being my bad food choices or bad timing of my meals – things I learned from Lara and continue to work on. I’m enjoying many new foods and supplements– lots of greens, flax seeds and oil, etc. and I have lots of gluten free recipes from Lara that I have tried and have yet to try. I’m not craving my sugar goodies like I used to – oh how bad sugar is! Last but not least, aside from getting to work with such a nice, caring and knowledgeable person; the best part of the program was that I lost 21 lbs.! My new gluten free lifestyle of course does still include regular exercise, as supported by Lara. I feel so much better now and have been receiving many complements as to how great I look. Thank you Lara!!!"

-Christine M., Marshfield, MA



"I no longer eat processed food.
I have eliminated my every morning coffee with cream and sugar. Occasionally I will have an iced coffee as a treat.
I have been eating smaller meals several times a day.
I am eating gluten free and no longer feel bloated all the time.
I plan meals more carefully, taking snacks with me when I know I can’t be home for long periods of time.
I limit sugar and no longer add it to food!
I eliminated table salt and use sea salt.
I buy mostly organic produce.
Most days I keep track of what I eat.
I am regularly taking supplements.
I regularly exercise.
I have been more conscious of how I feel when I eat certain foods.
I have discovered that red meat is not something I can really tolerate and have stopped eating it.
I am TRYING to incorporate more dark greens.
I am working on cooking more but still tend to go for anything that is easy.
I am keeping it simple.
My mood has improved!
I am closer to becoming the person who makes good food choices when at a social gathering or event where many foods are available.
I do have a sweet treat now and then, but it has to be really special (example: not a store bought dessert)
Still have cravings once in a while, but less and less.
I am experiencing deeper sleep.
I am no longer take NSAIDS for arthritis pain and am able to hold off on a suggested total replacement hip surgery.
Still working on saying no when asked to do something when it is really not something I want to or can do.
I am using skin care products that are natural.
I have stopped taking my laptop to bed with me! Still have my phone, but need that for work.
Weight loss is slow but I notice when I keep track of what I am eating I lose weight.
Still work in progress but overall a success story!
Thank you Lara!"

-Kim S.