Authentically You Wellness, Authentically You Powersnacks and Authentically You Wellness Financial Services

The Story of Its Evolution:

In early 2010, I was hospitalized and remained in hospital for weeks with acute appendicitis, which led to acute peritonitis. Apparently, leading up to the hospitalization, my appendix had been slowly eroding away into my bloodstream, releasing its toxins for months. The Surgeons were truly perplexed as to how I walked around in that state and how I even survived. I am considered a medical anomaly. Meantime, the Corporate job I had held did not wait for me to return to work and hired someone else as I lay in the hospital, struggling.

Throughout the years, I have always been extremely sensitive to everything I ingested. It began with discovering what red meat really was at the age of 12. Mortified, I stopped eating it from that day forth. Never made a production out of it, just a quiet choice. In my early twenties, I developed a lactose intolerance, which led to eliminating even more from my diet. I also suffered with migraines, blackouts, seizures and was put on every medication from anti-convulsants to migraine medications, and anti-depressants. I was even tested for brain tumors at one point, that’s how bad it was!

It was then, in my early 20s, that I began to make the connections and took my health into my own hands and began creating healthful snacks (who doesn’t love a great treat, right?). I began eliminating the bad stuff, intuitively, from my diet. The seizures stopped, and the headaches and migraines vanished! And I lost weight! So I kept creating healthful snacks in the kitchen and gave treats away over the years to my Loved Ones. Everyone always told me, “Oh Lara, you should be selling these, they’re that good!”.   But I suppose fear-based thinking and limiting beliefs stood in my way and I actually went to work for one of the well.known, food.based weight loss companies. I was there for nearly 8 years and loved it! I even rose to the top and joined the MADD Team, known for travelling throughout the Domestic US, making a difference in Clients’ lives and even the Weight Loss Counselors in the field, who may have needed encouragement themselves. I was that passionate in helping people lose and manage their weight and feel great. I went on to the Technology Bubble and took three Companies IPO, as part of the sales force, and was on my fourth, when 9-11 occurred. After the Technology Bubble burst, like many others, I joined the Mortgage Industry and successfully helped many, for nearly a decade, as an Independent Business Woman.

Over the years, I’d dabble in creating new Powersnacks, as my health needs and knowledge evolved, I’d help others by suggesting ways to improve their own health and well being, whenever the occasion arose. And finally, the great Banking collapse and the Financial System as we knew it, ceased to exist. And with tremendous impact. So, I went to work for one of THE TOP, and I mean, TOP, Companies, known around the Globe for being “Best Place to Work For”. And that’s when they replaced me, whilst in hospital. So much for TOP places to work for and Corporate America!

I began to reflect back. In my mid 30s, I had also been very sick with unexplained bruising head to toe, petechia, swelling, hives, swollen glands, feeling of malaise and flu-like symptoms and diarrhea. After being told I’d have to possibly have blood transfusions (that there was clearly a “battle” going on within my blood cells), a careful evaluation for possible leukemia (because of the bruising) and being told that I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (after undergoing a colonoscopy), at this time in my Life, I knew I had to take my own health and wellness back into my hands. I knew in my heart that my Team of Doctors had my best interest at heart and were truly in it to help me, the patient, get better. My Team of Doctors and their respective Staffs on the South Shore of Boston, MA are some of the most remarkable people I have ever had the privilege to know. But. I was also sick and exhausted with always being sick and in the Doctors’ office. Again, I took my own health and wellbeing into my hands as I knew, intuitively, my body was trying to tell me something. Again.

I eliminated all gluten, processed foods and refined sugar and wouldn’t you know, the symptoms slowly dissipated! I began adding in even more leafy green vegetables, luscious, vibrant fruits and healthy fats and went back to creating even more healthful Powersnacks. And I found it made me that much more consciously aware. I could hear myself think again! I was in touch with my Authentic Self, everything in my Universe began speaking to me and I was clear enough in my body and my mind to make the connections and could truly comprehend, with great clarity, the messages being presented to me daily. I could clearly see the Divine Synchronicities in my Life! Happiness and JoyFULLness and feeling, I mean really feeling that closeness and connectedness with God and Jesus were just so blatantly obvious! Every day, I found myself experiencing Miracles. I had a nagging feeling that I was supposed to be helping Others live healthier, more Authentically. To help others find their very own Life Purpose, which brings such delight and joy and that inner feeling of glowing.ness and peace, which is indescribable, unless you actually experience it.  But I was holding myself back w my limiting beliefs. After all, I had landed a job in a difficult economy with one of the top companies in the world to work for! The future was bright at this Corporate job, right? I’d confide in my healthy friends at work about what it was that I really wanted to be doing with my Life, but it all seemed improbable.

Which brings me back to the day I collapsed. I was hospitalized, then re-hospitalized, and nearly died after being so toxic. It turned out that I was SO healthy to begin with, that my body was able to battle the toxicity, which was slowly being released into my bloodstream by my appendix. So when the Surgeons went in to remove it, there was nearly nothing left! But because I was so healthy, my body fought off the toxins. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? When most people would have collapsed, been hospitalized and out in 2 days after a routine appendectomy, I walked around, although I knew I was off my game, until my physical shell could take it no longer. Imagine being told you are a medical anomaly. That’s enough to get most people to stop and think. Yes, but why. There’s got to be a greater reason. A Purpose. And on top of that, not sure how this will be received by you, the Reader, but it is the Truth, my Truth:

During my recovery, I remember the vivid presence of four white cloud-like Beings working on me, on my stomach, in the middle of the night. I couldn’t move. I just felt extreme peace and glowing and a knowing feeling that everything would be okay. That I was just Healed. Then my Mom shows up the next morning carrying with her four figurines. They were Angel figurines. I was emotionally overcome and recall getting goose bumps from head to toe. Call it what you want. I had to conclude that the Beings I saw and clearly felt were Angels working on me, after my Mom showed up with the figurines. As 2010 continued, I had four similar, remarkable experiences that I will share with you offline, if you’re interested.

These experiences make it abundantly clear to me that I am to be sharing the knowledge in my brain with those around me, those that are willing and have the Desire. You’ve got to have the want and the Desire. You don’t have to have Willpower. There’s no such thing. Just the want and the Desire and Trust in the process. Trust that I can help guide you. It’s inside you, wanting to come out. Some people just have strengths in other areas of their Life is all. And they truly don’t know how to shut off the crazy amount of insulin that is being released into their bodies, for example, due to the over. insulin production and their hormones being out of whack. Many Americans can have a bowl of cereal with milk and they may as well be eating an entire chocolate cake with the impact that that simple, seemingly healthy bowl of cereal and milk is having on them. Why? Because of the state their physical body is in. Doesn’t mean they are worthless and don’t deserve amazing things and should go around feeling miserable much of the time. That’s where I can help guide and help shut off that valve and help to get your body rebooted in the right direction. It’s an epidemic. But, it really is easier than one might think.

After the year I had in 2010, I can say that it Truly was the best experience of my Life because I fully and completely, knowingly, realized that I am supposed to be helping others find their True Purpose and find their true Inner Selves. It starts with taking care of Self. Baby steps. It’s all about the Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Mind, Body Connection. It doesn’t happen all at once, but having the guidance and proper tools? Anyone can achieve it and we are ALL supposed to have this unbelievable JoyFULLness in our Lives! And losing weight just happens to come with all of this. When you learn that it’s okay to Release those negative energies and blockages and you learn to tap into your core Self, that’s when the remarkable things begin to reveal themselves to you. And each and every one of us are truly meant to experience Life like this!

Authentically You Wellness evolved because I realized that my Body was trying to tell me something off and on over the years in my journey. I realize it sounds like I have always been a very sick individual. Not so. I’ve had health experiences as a result of being so sensitive to additives, preservatives, chemicals, GMOs, sugars and the like and have learned to combat. As a result, I realize that I am supposed to be sharing my knowledge, helping people at a more Individualized level, similar to what I had done years ago, but in a much more personalized manner. And it isn’t just about food and being on a limited caloric intake and exercising and, whollah, you’ll lose weight! There is so much more that goes into it. Into our journey as Human Beings.   Things like Primary and Secondary Foods, for example. No diet works and every BODY is so different. Everyone has a different Ancestry, blood type, geography, metabolic rate, spiritual beliefs, nutritional beliefs, dietary restrictions, likes and dislikes and each has to be Honoured. Every BODY is different and the key is to tap in, break the unwanted negative blockages, nourish ones’ Self on all levels and realize a Bio.Individualized daily food plan that fits in, in accordance and with respect and honour with that person.

As far as Authentically You Powersnacks and the way they’ve evolved? I’ve been crafting them as my own health needs have evolved and recognize that each person is Unique and has different needs. These clean, raw, Organic Powersnacks are just one part of that vehicle in helping Others find their own Inner Selves, their own True callings. I want to help people feel amazingly great! And experience energy levels like mine!

Experiencing a reduction in inflammation in Ones’ body is being Scientifically proven to help prevent and even reverse cancers, arterial disease which can lead to heart attack and stroke, headaches, migraines, diabetes and more. This is what Authentically You Powersnacks are all about. We all love a great treat! But how ‘bout instead of depleting and compromising your body and mind, and therefore feeling disconnected with many things, how ‘bout one that’s replenishing, restoring, nurturing and sustaining, that will give you the energy and vitality you so deserve! And for those athletes out there, it’s a sustaining POWER snack! For the raw foodists? Our Organic, Raw, Vegan Powersnacks are there for you to honour and respect your Belief Systems (when you don’t have time to be in the kitchen yourself). And for those that are looking to eat more clean, need a bit of nutritional guidance than what they are currently experiencing or for those that just know they need to stop doing what they are doing because they don’t like what they are getting (isn’t that the definition of insanity?), how ‘bout a Powersnack that will actually increase your energy levels AND help you lose weight? !

All of this, by the way, leads to becoming closer in touch w Ones’ Self, Higher Self, God, whatever you’re most comfortable to call it! Being able to actually hear your own thoughts, to hear what your Inner Voice has been trying to convey to you all along! To become so Intuitive and Empathic, people won’t recognize you! All of which then leads to your Universe working hand in hand with your Visions, Wishes and Desires. And when that happens, your Life will just never be the same!

So, Authentically You Wellness is about helping people live healthier, getting away from medications, reducing our carbon footprint, helping the planet, reducing inflammation in our bodies, living a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, spirituality and being true with Ones’ Self! Finding Simplicity, really!

And Authentically You Powersnacks are one of the tools crafted for myself over the years and figured it’s time for me to really start helping prevent and reverse cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke by living healthier lifestyles and losing weight while you’re at it--one Client at a Time!

Powersnacks made a great run! We took them to Market and worked for years at the local Farmer’s Markets, brought them to dozens & dozens of Stores throughout much of New England! It was when one of the largest healthy food Store chains across the U.S. wanted to carry Powersnacks, that we realized we had to make a decision! We asked ourselves, “were we in this to help people, more on the Individual level or go nationwide with Investors and get steeped into the food business?!”. We chose the former! And so, Powersnacks, after having an extremely successful run, got shelved. No pun intended!

Simultaneous to that, I began to realize that One can be as Holistic as they desire, but if they’re a mess, financially speaking, it doesn’t leave much room for peace, joy and that all important feeling of being grounded! It was a similar pattern that would come up working with Clients. And so, I began to research. I learned that 62% of the Bankruptcies in this country occur because of the cost of Medical Care! And of those Bankruptcies, 75% of those Consumers actually had health insurance! How can people live happily and healthfully, the real Basics, if they are uninsured or not properly insured with a sound financial base?! There it was again. A Calling, loud and clear.

I furthered my research and realized I must help and make a difference in People’s Lives, both holistically as well as helping with their health and life insurances as a basis, considering my God given strength is as a Teacher! A Teacher who happens to have another strength of knowledge in the world of Finance!

Authentically You Wellness has now evolved into pursuing successful Holistic Wellness endeavors at the Individual Client level via One on One Holistic Health Coaching, both by phone (in any state) and in Person, Corporate Wellness PowerSeminars (mainly in Massachusetts) as well as offering full service Health & Life Insurance Planning Portfolios in Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas, Florida, South Carolina and Virginia!